Telephone Bill Audit Service

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One question we might want to ask is; do you really know who reviews your business telephone bill every month regularly? If your business or company is like most others, then you may be surprised that the answer to this question is: NO ONE!

Departmental managers are faced with operations demands where they are not able to give a detailed analysis of the telephone bills to discover whether there are errors, which could be corrected and seek for refunds. Telephone bills are a major operational expense in businesses and simple errors that are left unnoticed can stretch the bills.

In most cases, what the departmental managers do is quickly do a month-over-month checking and comparing of the dollar amount on the telephone bills without checking whether there are errors. When all that is done, the bill is approved, and then forwarded to the accounts department for payment to be executed.

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It is estimated that close to 60 percent of all US Corporations are being subjected to overcharges in their telephone bills by as much as 30 percent. A majority of these overcharges arise due to use of incorrect rates but there are those overcharges, which occur due to incorrect tax rate, accounting errors, double billing, and such other mistakes. The fact that you negotiated for the best rates with the telephone company does not mean that the bills you get reflect those rates.

In case you have not analyzed and checked your bill properly for the last two years, you may be surprised that you could be paying overpaying by close to 30 percent or more. 

Finance helps identify errors in commercial telephone bills and determines if there are overcharges for businesses and then negotiates for the refunds or lower costs and credits. We watch your telephone bills to ensure that we lower and put back dollars to your income statement.

The service is offered at no cost to your business but you have to pay a certain percentage from what we recover from the telephone companies. If we are not able to reduce the costs for you, then you do not pay anything. There is nothing to loss because we save you from incurring unnecessary expenses.

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To get this service, you need to have the following information;

  • Your telephone contract copy, which includes the rates agreed upon on the contract
  • Actual paper bills for the previous 3 months, or
  • Electronic bills in form of (CDR on ftp or CD-ROM) covering the same period
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When we get this information, we begin our work to perform a detailed analysis of the bills to verify accuracy in billing. In the results, we will identify errors and the amount of dollars, which you expect to get back.

Because telephone-billing errors continue to feature in every other bill until you identify and push for the corrective measures, it is important that you send us an email now and our senior consultant will call as soon as possible to begin the process.

You owe it to yourself and your business, and there is every need for you to take action now by talking with us.