5 Ways to Increase Your Garage’s Storage Capacity

While we struggle to fit everything in the house, there is a lot of space that goes unused in the garage. This is either due to poor planning by the previous owners of these homes, their inability to meet the current demands, or the current possessor’s lack of knowledge in space utilization . Regardless of these, certain changes can be made to enable the rooms accommodate more property and increase their ventilation. Some techniques include: 

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Garage Storage Capacity

Ceiling racks

They have been used for years in storing goods below the ceiling. They usually project from the beams and  therefore can handle  weightier materials. Try and choose ceiling racks made of coated metal since they are likely to last longer.  You can use them mainly to keep the tools that you don’t access regularly.

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Hanging bins

These are plastic containers of which are hanged on walls or below ceiling racks. Smaller tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, bolts, and the likes can be kept here to make it more convenient to locate  them. There are a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Since they are made of recycled materials, they are rather cheap. By buying them, you also contribute to preservation of the environment. 


The garage environment rarely contains light materials. When building shelves, it is advisable to use metal or very strong wood. Whichever you take, remember to apply a suitable paint to enhance beauty. Take note that the contractor may  also advise you on weight limits (depending on  the material your wall is made of). Heed the warnings. All in all, shelves definitely save a lot of space.

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Once a preserve for kitchens and bedrooms, cabinets have found their way to garages. Most people however prefer metallic cabinets since the ones made of wood are not fit for environments full of activities. Some may also use them to secure expensive or very sensitive tools. Even these, if designed well, will not fail to catch an eye. You can also make them more attractive by drawing art on their doors and sides.

Wall anchors

Bikes may also compromise on space . To avoid  them from delaying your movement, wall anchors are definitely the best option. They are available with local dealers and vary in price depending on the type and manufacturer.

Some types of anchors are made primarily for security reasons. If for example a family member tends to leave the garage door open, someone may sneak away with a bike. The security anchors will help in delaying or preventing theft.

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Garage Storage Capacity

Go underground

Some modern garages also have underground storage. If you are not renting the house and you are concerned with getting extra space, consulting the right people will help you decide whether to go ahead and dig one or not.

Using the tricks above, you can be able to create more space in your garage. If this space is full then consider keeping some of your property in the attic. You can also buy the temporary, cost-friendly sheds while planning to move your goods.

Great Tips On How Make Your Garage More Lively

Common garages are characteristically a dull place only fit to be occupied by automobiles, tools and other things that people don’t need in the house. But who said that it has to be this way? We can surely change the image of these places and make them more habitable. Here are some tips on how to: 

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Keep your garage clean

Many people have literally abandoned their garages. While families care to clean the driveways, it will be not be uncommon to find the floors and walls of these rooms having grease smears or deep scratches probably from caused by tools. Some take months before the floors are cleaned or dusted. Calling them chaotic is an understatement!

If you are a culprit (or near culprit) you can still correct things. Get your place pressure washed and refurbished. You may also contact a local garage solutions  firm to get you tough floor tiles, which are long lasting and easy to clean.

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Splash some colors

Psychologists agree  that there’s a way in which colors affect  our moods. Different people have varied preferences and therefore, conventionally, there’s nothing like a good or bad color. However, most homebuyers make no attempt in changing their property’s painting to suit them. Even if they happen to change the outside wall wash, the garages are conspicuously avoided.

Try changing things and see the magic work. You might also consider finding somebody to make some paint art on your walls or do it yourself- It doesn’t matter, just make a change! 

Adequate lighting will do

Most garages of the past were only meant for parking and therefore the contractors did not consider giving them proper lighting. If you have such, the market has  various energy saving fluorescent lights that you can make use of. Be sure to choose the correct one for your environment. Some bulbs may not function in very cold weather and  vice versa. 

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Look for an air conditioner

Even when a garage is clean and well lit, if there is no proper air circulation, it will still be uncomfortable. Luckily, with air conditioners anywhere is inhabitable. If the one in the main house cannot extend to this place, consider purchasing a low cost unitary or portable versions of air conditioners.

Create more space

There is a lot of underutilized space on the upper part of a garage. Make appointment with a contractor to build ceiling racks where you can keep the less frequently used stuff. Hanging bins where you can keep the smaller things are also available from various local dealers. In addition, you can have shelves and cabinets running along the walls. These will accommodate almost everything and leave space below for other uses; for example the family may once in a while chose to have dinner here- anything for a change!

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Try therefore to make your garage an enjoyable place to be. The ideas outlined above together with your own will make this possible. Try and consult experts if unsure of where to begin from.

4 New Ways to Improve Safety and Look of Your Garage

Apart from the attic, garages are the second mostly avoided areas. A few families however have started making active use of these places  due to the ever-reducing space. A big a house is house is never big enough- literally speaking.  In case you are wondering whether you should take a step too, here are some of the important issues you should keep in mind: 

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Garage Safety

Poor drainage

On a snowy season, automobiles are likely to collect huge masses of this stuff, which melts afterwards in the warmer garage conditions. If your floor does not slope towards an exit (or does not slope at all), puddles may form all over and cause a mess on any stored furniture or cement. The best remedy would be to call a contractor to redo the floor and create drainage channels if there are none. If this is too costly, special car-parking mats  can do the trick.    

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Dirty, dirty floor

Admit it, most of us do not give our garage floors the same treatment we do to patios or decks. Well it is very hard to!  Even then, some level of hygiene should be adhered to. Oil or paint spills can be easily cleared out using appropriate solvents or pressure machines. Regular moping or splashing of water can also reduce the amount of dust and make the place more habitable especially for those with allergies.

Additionally, a garage solutions firm may supply you with strong tiles, which are easier to clean, and there are also a variety of colors to choose from. 

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Protect your feet

If you are the kind who walks barefooted in the house, once or twice you’ve probably hit your little toe against the edge of the fridge (ouch!). The cruel pain will hover around like until you finish counting the letters in “adductorhallucis!” It’s not bad because it always happens again. The problem is with those who extend this “natural walk” to their garage when things there are not kept in order. Sharp  tools may eat into your feet and no amount of “adductorhallucis-ing” will drive away the pain.

So how do we continue walking barefoot without fear? The answer lies above you. A large  space exists in  the upper part of garages. Local firms can provide you with hanging plastic bins to keep all the little stuff in. On top of this, you can have strong shelves and cabins mounted on your walls to accommodate most of the properties. The space left below can then be put into other uses. For example, you can convert it to an office or a tennis field.   

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Remember the lighting

Lack of proper lighting in the garages is the prime cause of their unfriendly nature. During poor weather, make them a place where you can comfortably send the kids to make noise in when you don’t want them in the living room. Fluorescent lights consume little power and therefore will not impact much on your bills. You can also  fix in low cost air conditioners if the natural ventilation is inadequate.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Be sure to  ask a local home garage dealer for more tips on how to spruce up your place.  Good luck!

Garage Safety