Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft has stretched its Internet Explorer browser range with the addition of Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). The successor to Internet Explorer 7, IE8 was released on March 19, 2009. This modern browser comprises of several basic surfing features such as improved tab handling, a smart search bar, very handy address bar, and new tools for transporting information from other Web pages and services. IE8 now has new anti-malware protection, and better ways to shield your privacy.

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In 1995, Microsoft introduced its first version of Internet Explorer, as component of the Internet jump start kit for Windows 95. Microsoft has been constantly upgrading Internet Explorer’s since then, and now it has grown to be the most broadly used graphical user interfaced browser in the world. Approx. 70% of net users make use of IE because it provides them uncomplicated interface and enhanced features.

You can easily download it from Microsoft website; you need to select your OS and preferred language. After downloading IE8, you will be prompted to select some options after which a window will pop up as shown below. With the help of instructions in this window you can easily install IE8.

Internet Explorer 8 comprises of numerous amazing features that are very helpful and totally unique. Let’s discuss its cool features one by one in detail.

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Clever Address Bar

The address bar in Internet Explorer 8 is very sharp because in IE 8 you can simply enter a few words of the address and it will match these words to the previous sites you visited in the past. It goes through the history, favourites and RSS feed then highlight the closest match for you. This feature is helpful because now you will not accidentally land on ‘spam’ sites due to a misspelled address. Just press ‘X’ if you want to remove any website from the drop down menu.


Compatibility View

Internet Explorer 8 is relatively new and some websites might not be ready to run on it properly. If the website you are trying to open is having trouble in displaying the content accurately for example misaligned text and images or distorted text boxes then simply click on the ‘Compatibility View’ right next to the address bar and the website will be displayed in the compatibility mode. In the command bar, you can simply add websites to the compatibility view list by selecting Tools Compatibility view settings. Options like viewing all websites and intranet sites in the compatibility mode are available too.

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Tabbed browsing

Another great feature of IE 8 is Tabbed browsing. When one tab from a similar tab group is closed, the browser will take you to the next tab having related content from which it was opened. This reduces the time lost by hopping to and fro between useless and unrelated tabs. You need to simply right click the tab and select Close Tab or Close Tab Group.
It also allows you to refresh one or all of the tabs, just right click on the tab and click Refresh or Refresh All.


Internet Explorer 8 has made internet experience much easier by introducing ‘Accelerators’. The new feature in IE 8 ‘Accelerators’ will help you with almost everything. Just click the blue icon that pops up when you highlight text from any webpage, a drop down menu will allow you pick whatever you want to do. For example, it will let you find meaning of a particular word, or search for the highlighted text on any search engine and driving directions as well. With the inclusion of this cool feature in Internet Explorer 8, internet navigation has become faster and simpler.

Searching made simpler!

Search Bar’ in Internet Explorer 8 is placed on the top right hand corner of the screen right across the address bar. It can be customized to Google, Bing, Wikipedia, according to your wish. Since Microsoft has teamed up with all the major search providers, a lot of search options are available. Visual content in the search results helps you get the best match related to your keyword. Just enter a word in the search box and select the search engine, instantly a list of related results will appear.

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In Page browsing facility

If you press Ctrl+F, a ‘Find Bar’ will pop-up under the tab row; it will allow you look for particular words in a webpage. The drop down menu in the search box at the top right corner of the screen will also give you the same feature. For instance, if you search for the recent gossip about ‘tiger woods’ and if it was found on two places all over the page, the IE8’s InPage browsing feature will highlight this for you.

Caret Browsing
Caret Browsing places a moveable cursor on the WebPages in IE8 which you can employ to select text using the keyboard. Press F7 to enable or disable this option. It also exists in View Menu Caret Browsing.

Your favourite websites are now easily accessible with “Favorites” which is placed at the left on the favorites bar. It shows a small star with an arrow on it. The RSS feed has also been modernized, now you can easily see the updates as soon as they happen.

Web Slicing
there is the brand new feature of Web slicing in IE8, for updates on our most regularly visited WebPages like weather, emails, scores to our favourite games as well as updates on the item you are bidding on! Web slicing is placed in the command bar. You can easily access the ‘slice’ of the internet by simply pointing cursor over it in the favorites tab. You will see the tab flashing If an update is available in that slice. If you want to deactivate a web slice from your favorites bar, left click on the icon and choose ‘Delete’.