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Why Ms-Access?

Ms Access is a tool which is used “for Database management” and its been given as a package as that of Ms-office. Many corporate, private organizations make use of this to handle huge amount of the data. The place where we store the Data is called “Database”.

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Database Management is the process or a mechanism used for performing multiple operations like:

  •   Storing
  •   Retrieving Information
  •  Managing

With the help of access, one can easily enter the data in the forms, making it simpler and even accurate.

Access can be the best solution, when multiple users thus have been working on the certain piece of data at a stretch and at a time. Access locks a record while the user makes any changes to it. With the help of Access, one can create as many reports as needed by the user which can run at any time.

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Whenever user has been connected to different resources and perform some editing options on them, something like editing the part of data etc, access would be the best choice. User can have an external view of the data, but cannot make any manipulations to them.


Change the default working folder    

This is mainly used to change the default working folder to that of your own new folder by changing the path in the Default database folder box in that of the General tab, Options dialog box.

Controls and expressions

  1. Administering a database

Create a vertical control :In Access, you can create your vertical label or text box in a form or a report by setting their Vertical properties of the control.

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Customizing Access

  • Add the descriptions for your database objects:
  1. Right-click the object in the Database window.
  2. Click the Proxy parties in the shortcut menu, and then type your description in the Description box.
  • The Process Used To Turn off Office:  
  1. Click on the options which are a short cut menu.
    b.      And then on the options tab
    c.      Later on you can make use  of the office assistant check box and
    d.      Then activate the Office assistant from the help menu.
  • Hide the new object shortcuts    

Firstly we need to clear all the respective “New object shortcuts” which are present there and click on the check box button from “View tab Options dialog box (Tools menu)

  •  Database Object Details    

To have all the necessary information with respect to that of the database objects, you can obtain it from the Database window, i.e. from the View menu.